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TechNative Software Services is a human-centralized software company based in Greece. You can find our offices in Thessaloniki and Drama (if you are interesting in working in-house). Our employees are all over the country and we love it! It’s so cool to meet people from different places and share experiences.

What are our core elements? Honesty, wisdom and capability are key items in our everyday work life. We are a consistent company without any unpleasant surprises. A company consisting by people that like to work because they love their occupation. These are the values that make us stand out from the galleons that exist in Greece. Our values make us stronger.

Respect is the key for someone to have fun at work and like their colleagues. It means equality which is the reason that we only hire people who see no difference in color, religion, sex or sexual orientation. After all, we are a team working to make nice products for the world and the world is full of colors and aromas. Teamwork means communication and support, as a team we bond together, we help each other, we become friends. Anything in the world can inspire us, anything can motivate us to grow even further!

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Thanasis Papapanagiotou

Managing Director / Software Engineer

I am the one that had this - questionable - idea of putting all these people together and form a company. The results are amazing and I am having quite some fun working as a developer in the great environment that I created, not only for me but for my colleagues as well. I enjoy coding as much as I enjoy living. Problem identification and solutions is my strong card in this never-ending poker of scrum points. Finally I am the one that puts keyboards on fire, but also the one that extinguishes them.

Nikos Kalaitzis

HR Manager

I have been in this company for many years and we have been growning together. I started as a developer, became operations manager and now I am HR manager. My experience taught me that culture is one of the most important factors for people in a company. I am passionate about environments that are based on trust and respect. I believe that people in a company have to continuously improve themselves, so I provide them with the necessary resources. I deal with challenges focusing on improvement of the processes rather that blaming people. I do my best to have people happy, because happy employees make successful business!

Tasos Chrisalidis

Operations Manager

Technology for me started as a hobby, continued as studies, to end up as work. I always believe that a coin has two sides, hence sharing of perspective is something really important.

Eleni Palousi

QA Engineer

I am a software tester always keen in learning new things and improving my skills. I believe there is always room for growth. I enjoy solving problems in the most efficient and fast way. I love working in a team and helping others in any way.

Giannis Dermetzoglou

Software Engineer

I am a back-end web developer having knowledge of the Symfony PHP framework and some experience working in the front-end. Machine learning and big data analytics are also areas of technology that interest me. I take pride in my attention to detail, as well as focusing on the quality of my work. I enjoy being challenged, learning and acquiring new skills.

Ioanna Bai

QA Engineer

I am a quality assurance engineer, trying always to ensure that everything works fine. Having a keen eye allows me to find things that are not obvious at first. Bug hunting is just a great pleasure for me.

Arsenia Tsiantou

QA Engineer

I am a quality assurance engineer with little experience in design and web development. I like to run complicated test scenarios and find bugs where no one expects them.

Panagiotis Fotiou

Magento Developer

Hi, I am an enthusiast web developer focused on magento 2 stack. I like developing user interfaces, testing, debugging, and training staff within eCommerce. I also like exploring new technologies and working with people from all over the world. My hobbies are biking, basketball and watching movies. Likewise I would describe myself as calm, thoughtful, team player and foodie 🙂

Pelagia Tzanelli

QA Engineer

Hello there! I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer that enjoys communicating, finding ways to make something work, paying attention to detail and keeping everything neat and organized. Having projects run smoothly and exterminating bugs is my mission! In my free time I go out exploring in the city, either on foot or on my bicycle. I also love nature, getting lost inside a book or a TV show and playing board games with my friends! Being part of such an open minded and friendly group of people makes my day. I’m here for an adventure, to improve and learn as much as I can. Let’s all work our magic and anything will be possible! ✨
John Fanidis

John Fanidis

Frontend developer

With more than 7 years of experience in more than 30 projects, I am always passionate about software development. I am interested in learning innovative development patterns as well as new programming languages and mobile/web frameworks. I specialize in implementing real time features in web and mobile applications using event driven techniques to create more independent and modular application components.
John Mouzalas Software Engineer

John Mouzalas

Software Engineer

Ι’m Batman! Just kidding... I am a Software Engineer currently working as a Front-End Engineer. Developing cool software, working with awesome people and picking up new tricks along the way is what makes this industry so fun!

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