Creating Innovative Informational Software For Supply Teachers

Our goal

Each year the government hires more than 30,000 supply teachers. Recruitment is managed through a Government website which provides detailed of the names and location of each opportunity. We recognised the opportunity to develop a product which could use this data to support and engage supply teachers by providing an online space with information, entertainment content and, most importantly, information about appointments, mentoring opportunities, jobs, scholarships and training.

The project

Anaplirotes is an in-house product we have developed because we’re passionate about education. We knew what we were trying to achieve from the very start. The platform would be designed to gather data from other online sources and to publish that information (supply teacher lists and placements) and link it to essential information, including details of the hiring documents that are needed when a supply teacher accepts a job offer, and details about local government offices. Everything needed to be designed to help and support supply teachers to get hired

Choosing Code Seed

With an experienced team of experts, we were able to develop this project in-house quickly and effectively. There was no need to consider using any external support as we were confident this was a project which would be completed easily alongside our other commitments

Our approach

We designed a system which was able to scrape Government websites to retrieve published excel files. The coding we created then reads each file and updates all the information on the database of supply teachers. This is supported with a web-service which communicates with Android and iOS apps to provide end-users with easy access to all the information on the database.