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We provide great software development services

Whether your company is in need of a new software application, you already have one or you need testing services to find possible bugs, our team has you covered.

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Ask us before you begin with your brand new idea, you will find the results astonishing!

High traffic

We are used to work with high traffic websites, we will approach any issues you might have with a delicate, cautious way.


Cutting edge web or/and mobile applications that get the job done.

Big data

We are experienced working on huge DBs and we have experience with many cloud services like AWS or Azure.


24/7 tech support using cutting-edge monitoring techniques and prompt hot-fixes for any unfortunate events.

Software testing

Find any bug in your app with our seasoned software testers.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best, most up to date results.

The team of Code Seed believes that the internet is a great achievement of humanity. We enjoy looking for new trends and stuff that gets viral online. Our curiosity for technology makes our results to be the best you can get right now.
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